(1) : How the accounts are created in your accounting software?

Ans: A set up menu provided in the software will help you to create the accounts.

(2) : Whether any flexibility is given for designing the invoice ?

Ans: Yes, You can make changes for designing your invoice.

(3) : Whether any technical support is available?

Ans: Yes, The company provides you technical support both online and offline. Offline support is subject to reimbursement of expenses.

(4) : Whether the company is charging for its technical support ?

Ans: The company provides free online service Upto 6 months from the date of installation of software. There after the Business Entity/Firm/Company shall enter into AMC (Annual Maintenance) and AMC Charges are applicable.

(5) : How the AMC is useful?

Ans: AMC service is made available to its clients to support them in case of any changes in versions/updations in software. For example the latest GST services are enabled to the existing clients, who are in AMC. The company expects to be in AMC continuously as it will be advantageous for them.In case of broken AMCs , the company may accept for continuance subject to the clearance of all previous AMC dues.

(6) : How the data is protected?

Ans: Your data is safe and secured in hard disk and in your mail.

(7) : Whether data back up is available?

Ans: Yes, the software has got unique feature of auto back up.

(8) : How the users are defined?

Ans: You can create any number of users as per your requirement and their roles are restricted. These users cannot have access to make alterations in data unless or otherwise it is permitted by the owner/authorised user.

(9) : What are additional attractive features provided in software?

Ans: Software provides you auto SMS and mailing facility. These SMS alerts are useful for credit customers and also helpful to collect their bills on time.

(10) : What are printing devices available?

Ans: Data can be printed by using DOT Matrix printer, or Laser Printer or Inkjet printer.

(11) : Whether the company is giving any guarantee for its software?

Ans: Yes. While designing the software, the company has taken utmost care and deligence to meet all the requirements of business organisations/entities. In case there is any request from the clients for refund of the amount, the company refunds the money to the clients within 2 weeks from the date of installation.

(12) : How can I file my annual returns?

Ans: The financial reports along with VAT Returns including latest GST captured will be in a PDF file and the same are useful for submission to your auditor.

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