Tyres & Tubes Management software

Fair Tyres and Tubes is very simple and easy to use accounting-cum- management software, specially designed for the dealers of tyres and tubes

Now, The software is unique with its GST features and you can so easily comply with GST returns and other tax returns

Distinctive Features:

  • you can track your day to day expenses
  • Barcoding is enabled
  • Maintenance of discounts and offers
  • Readily available credit customers list and their outstanding dues at any point of time.
  • Quick look at Salesman wise, item sales information
  • Fast billing to your cash customer
  • Invoice designing and editing as per your requirement
  • Instant account copy
  • Now you can file your GST/VAT returns directly by using this software
  • Profit or loss can be checked with item wise or group wise
  • SMS alerts to your credit customers

Utilities in the software :

  • On line help/on site help
  • screen level help
  • User creations
  • User creations
  • Year roll over
  • Dot Matrix/Inkjet/Laser Printing options
  • Calender
  • Calculator
  • Powerful zooming of reports/accounts
  • Mailing labels
  • Letter typing
  • Creation of New financial year
  • Auto Back up
  • Auto SMS/Email Back up
  • DOS mode printing

Other Special Features-

  • Templates creation for invoices
  • Area wise, customer wise, period wise receivables are on hand
  • Your financial reports are safe in a PDF file for submission to your auditor to finalise your accounts
  • Profit distribution
  • Account Transfer
  • Transaction Migrations
  • Item transfer
  • Single user/Multiple users
  • Multiple companies
  • Recurring entries
  • Account analysis
  • Receipts more than required amount
  • Payments more than required amount
  • Purchase/sale invoice details export facility
  • Auto Interest calculation on outstanding credit sales and auto posting of interest

Accounting features

A quick access to you on the following data-

  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Sales returns
  • Purchase returns
  • Receipts
  • Payments
  • Journal vouchers
  • Internal Transfers

Instantaneously, the following books/registers are ready...

  • Cash Book
  • Journal Book
  • Bank Book
  • 4 column Day book
  • Purchases / Sales registers
  • General Ledger
  • General Ledger with quantity

Manage your stocks efficiently now..

  • Item wise stock report
  • company wise stock report
  • Fast moving/slow moving stock analysis
  • Stock position on required date
  • Closing stock with value statement
  • Closing stock with master/category/group level
  • prepare stock indent and place an order for stock
  • List of items
  • Vendors of selected item
  • Reorder level statement (Min & Max)

Sales maintenance

  • Item wise cash/credit/card sales can be checked
  • You can look at the sales position of the items, company wise and can assess yourself which is moving item and which is non moving item.
  • You can view on your screen item wise/group wise sales position
  • You can look up sales position date wise/period wise

Important Financial Reports are on your table..

  • Trading account
  • Profit & Loss account
  • Balance sheet
  • Trial Balance
  • Receipts and Payments
  • Day Book
  • Debtors and creditors
  • Ledger

Statutory Reports submission is easy now..

  • GST Returns
  • VAT 200, 225
  • VAT 226 A & B
  • VAT 227 A

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